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1-minute timer!The most needed and frequently used timer for a minute, or a timer for 60 seconds.  1 minute timerHe needs a circle: in school, sports, cooking, training of various kinds. The timer for 60 seconds is simply irreplaceable. If you want to evaluate or compare the quality or quantity of work of different people or mechanisms in a short time, an online timer for 1 minute can help in experiments requiring a time constant. Or when measuring the speed of reading students in school. The online timer will clearly show what you are capable of in 60 seconds of the time allotted to you. How much can you sit down or wring out in 1 minute? Or what distance you can run in 60 seconds. There are many applications of this timer online. After all, a minute or 60 seconds is the gold standard of any time measurement in the world.

Convenient online timer for 60 seconds

This timer is very user-friendly. It can be expanded to full screen. You can control the timer using the mouse, finger, or keyboard. Timer sound says that 1 minute has passed. What could be easier? The timer can be paused. Zero the result and continue to use. Nothing to upload. Bookmarked the browser and that’s it. He is now always with you.