120 minutes timer

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The timer for 120 minutes is 2 hours. Much can be done during this time. For example, watch a movie, cook. Set a timer for 120 minutes for your children to do 120 minutes timertheir homework on time. And then we had time for games and other pleasant activities. By the way, setting a time timer is a useful incentive for children. So that they do not stretch the time and everything was in time. Also, a 120-minute timer will be handy for those who want to sleep for another hour. When the time has elapsed, a 120-second timer will alert you about this with a beep.

Timer online for 2 hours

Our timer will count precisely 2:00. The timer can be paused. It is useful when they take a break. Two hours is a long time for business. Therefore it is necessary to take breaks. Pause the timer for 2 hours. Get some rest. Get back to business. Start the timer. The sound will notify on the termination of counting. Maybe you need 10 minutes timer?