5-minute timer

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A 5-minute timer is the most popular online timer worldwide, even before the invention of computing. Around and around used timers for 5 minutes. 5-minute timerThis timer is so popular. Usually, even on the watch face, we see divisions of the hour into intervals of 5 minutes. Also, in almost 5 minutes, you can do practically any business. Unfortunately, not a few, but do – the most important. For this online timer for 5 minutes, you need. The hourglass has long been history. What measured these cherished 5 minutes. And they no longer even need. After all, only by opening our site timer on the page with a timer for five minutes. Online you can measure time anywhere.

Full-screen timer

Any of our timers can be expanded to full screen. It is very convenient. You will only see the 5-minute timer. Nothing extra. The big timer on a black screen. The timer can be paused. And continue counting anytime. At the end of the countdown timer starts to sound. Therefore, it is not necessary to follow him.