Arrow stopwatch online with minutes

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Cool arrow stopwatch online in the form of a compass with a red and black second hand. If you wish, you can turn on the minute hand to display the minutes. The minute Arrow stopwatch online with minuteshand indicates the same time as your computer. If you stare at this stopwatch for a long time. You get the impression that you are starting to fall into hypnosis. This stopwatch will be especially useful for those who cannot wait until the end of the last hour of the working day. And it even seems to me that while looking at this compass – the stopwatch time starts to go faster thanks to the double second hand.

Stopwatch dial and other stopwatches

In addition to this stopwatch, we still have plenty of others. On the main page, there is a digital stopwatch end Alarm clock online. It counts time to milliseconds. Allows you to save all measurements. There is many more stopwatches flash. In addition to the stopwatches on the site timers a lot of animated and ordinary timers. Convenient hours online and more.