Online timer for X minutes

Online timer for X minutes. This is a category of timers programmed to countdown from 1 minute to 120 minutes.
Each online reverse timer will alert you with an audible signal that the online timer has finished counting down.

Using the timer

1 minute timerUsing the online countdown timer is easy. To start counting the timer, press the start/stop button. Or on the keyboard button “S.” Similarly, to restore the reverse timer, press the same button.
To start the countdown timer online from the starting position. That is, reset the reverse timer. Press Esc.
Free timers are very convenient to use. Do not require installation on your device so that the timer is always at your fingertips. Add to your browser favorites with the timer you need.

Online timer for any occasion

Every timer uses different needs. Many tasks and areas are needing a timer. It can be a fun game or a quiz. Maybe a time test. Test where you need to determine your speed in what. For example, the amount of work done per minute. The quiz timer is a must. Kohnen party must do something for a limited time. And so on. Therefore, the scope of applications of the timer is a lot. Get here already configured timers. Online timers from 1 minute to 120 minutes.