Online timer hourglass

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Online timer hourglass is almost perfect for reading at speed. Remember how we read on the speed with a real hourglass. Now, this time, the clock is online. It can be used not only for high-speed reading. Such a timer is suitable for any business.

Online timer hourglassWith him, you see the remaining time separately. And also as sand flows in the hourglass. The timer can be expanded to full screen. You will see a giant hourglass and a digital display nearby.

Hourglass anywhere

Timer online Hourglass can be turned on and on your smartphone. And you can download it and use it in offline mode. Exercise with our timer in speed everywhere. Play exciting games with friends. Read on for speed. Hold contests. And of course, use it for educational purposes. For example, get dressed or make a bed for speed. Motivate your children. Let them cope with their tasks better and faster with such a timer. Turn household chores into a fun game with an online timer.