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Timer online Tomato timer is a very first timer. Online timer tomato timerHis work is divided into three parts. The timer counts the number of intervals of work. The amount of time to rest after work. For example, you can set up 10 minutes of work and after them 2 minutes of break. And so in a circle. That is, you can set the timer to use your work time intermittently. Such a timer is useful when you are doing tedious work. This will allow you to do it for a long time without overwork. Following a clear schedule of work and rest, you can move mountains.

The timer is easy to set up:

  1.  Specify the number of pieces of work
  2.  After how long break
  3.  Specify the duration of the break.

This all starts the Timer Online Timer Tomato. Now he will endlessly deduct the tact of your working time. He will report a call on the break. And about the beginning of work. A handy timer. The main thing to deal with its settings.