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Stopwatch online on our site Timer is just fantastic. It allows you to detect any time and duration of the operation efficiently. Stopwatch onlineRecord every start or stop of the stopwatch online. Every time you stop them. At the bottom of the page is recorded, the numerical value of each stopwatch metering online. They are a full-featured replacement for any mechanical or electronic stopwatch. Besides, it is very convenient and does not require downloading or installing on your computer or phone.

Convenient online stopwatch

This stopwatch is free and available at any time where you need it. Our stopwatch and Alarm clocks online can be used to record any amount of time. On the work you do, or entertainment. The main thing is that such an online stopwatch is always at your fingertips. Especially if you bookmark this page in your browser.

What is a stopwatch?

A stopwatch is a clock device that allows you to count time with up to seconds, and depending on how much this device is technically advanced, accurate to milliseconds. Stopwatches are often used during physical fitness competition, determining the time for which a person performed specific exercises.

The most common methods of measurement in sports are: a) topometry, b) dynamometry, c) ergometry, d) speed- and tachometry, d) accelerometry, e) pulsometry, g) electromyography, c) video and filmography, i) goniometry, k ) metric measurement.

The main parts of the stopwatch – the clock mechanism and the button-lever control mechanism of the arrows, which launches them, stops or resets to zero.